Like many before us, we are all seeking what is the "right" choice for our life/vocation. While some seek to quantify the money earned to define our self-worth or to highlight our successes, I believe there are other aspects in life that money simply cannot put a value to. While I find that having no money can immensely impact your quality of life, having enough money to indulge in your small pleasures, pay the bills, and live in content also highlights the fact that it's not the root equation to success or happiness. I believe there are two things that generally keep humans engaged in their daily routines; their "purpose" on this plane so to say. 

1. Intellectual Stimulation - I am an avid fan of the feeling from stretching your mind to the point where your mental fabric feels distorted. The sensation of neural plasticity; the point where the mind conforms itself and folds new valleys to form new and deep neural networks. This ever-changing engagement is what keeps us from being bound to our boredom. A constant twisting of axons that allow us to engage in thoughts and patterns quickly; through the moment we "learn" something. It would be a mistake if one were to manifest their career without having the core of intellectual stimulation. Moreover, surrounding yourselves with other people who continually drive towards intellectual stimulation enables your organization to hit their marks. I am fortunate enough at the moment to find myself surrounded by peers who seek the same organized chaos and willfully strive to discover the next better solution. The case of curiosity kept me going when the candle starts to flicker.

2.  Value Creation - In a world where consumerism and materialism are constantly shoved into our eyes, we are tempted to buy, inhale, and inject the essence of the next new shiny thing. From the moment you wake up, to the boring commute to and from work and other mundane habits of life, we are all too easily influenced by the constant bombardments of ads and social media shills. Navigating online can be difficult as we dodge the flashing colors and the endless flow of coupons/discounts that come once in a lifetime, every week. In turn, we grow to accept that the dollars spent become the equation to our self-worth. Instead, I find that my life and my career turns an inflection point when I create things of value. When I spend hours on a project or editing a video, the end result of something that just works and sparks reactions out of other people. When we provide a service or deliver a product that we are proud of, that's when we build a sense of trust in ourselves that we are contributing to the lives of others.

I hope that when you do find your goals, it maximizes both your intellect and creativity to create value. Until next time, I'll see you on the next flight.